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An Oregon White Oak Savanna Restoration

Phoenix Habitats is restoring native White Oak Savanna habitat with the City of Albany. We are the lead designer and contractor on a multi-year, multi-acre restoration project in a public park for both habitat creation and public education.

Plan Rendering

Oak Savanna Habitat Area

The Oak Savanna area is within Talking Water Gardens, a 50 acre park in the City of Albany. It's an iconic and beloved area, with large Oregon White Oak trees that are likely over 150 years old. However, the understory environment requires restoration in order to fully celebrate and capitalize on this natural resource for habitat creation, wildlife attraction, and public education.

The proposed design is a fully restored Willamette Valley Oak Savanna landscape, with large open areas for expansive drifts of colorful wildflowers and grasses to complement the grand scale of the arcing trees above. A new viewing platform is proposed at the central intersection of paths, for public engagement and appreciation.

Technical Planting Plan

North Savanna, Full Planting

The full technical planting plan shows plant location information for all recommended species to be installed over a three year phased installation process.

Planting Plan & Perspective Diagrams (Concept)

Dynamic Seasonal Interest - Spring through Late Summer and Early Fall

Our creative process involves draft plan and perspective renderings for each season. In this way, we ensure that the final design incorporates seasonal interest and dynamics throughout the year.

Perspective Rendering

Viewing Platform

A proposed viewing platform at the central path intersection will invite visitors to view and celebrate the Oak Savanna landscape. Wildflower drifts are composed in relation to the viewing platform for full, expansive color drifts and a greater sense of immersion. City staff may also choose to perform regular photo documentation and monitoring from this location for easier assessments and ongoing stewardship initiatives.

Perspective Rendering

Bird’s Eye Aerial

The fully restored Oak Savanna is a final destination, drawing visitors from all directions through the wetlands and into an open expanse, filled with color and dotted with large, sprawling Oak trees. As a unique landscape within Talking Water Gardens, new and lasting opportunities are formed for both habitat creation and public engagement.

Project status: ongoing site preparation activities. Initial Phase 1 planting in Fall 2022.


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