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Businesses and Corporate Campuses want to be as sustainable as possible without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Finding ways to integrate new landscaping methods while appealing to the public and employees is a challenge. Grounds managers need a multi-talented contractor who understands that effective habitat restoration should be performed within a thoughtful design that everyone enjoys. They need a reliable partner who is committed to fine stewardship and success, and who will go above and beyond to help educate stakeholders about the benefits of sustainable landscaping practices and native plants. 

At Phoenix Habitats, we allow your landscape to work for you. With smart native landscaping, annual maintenance costs may be reduced as much as 85% from traditional, resource-intensive landscaping. And, with our team of designers and expert field technicians, your landscape will be a beautiful marketing tool to increase enthusiasm with stakeholders and audiences. We are passionate about communication and public involvement, and provide information about plants and management strategies to share for consensus building. And our full service approach from design through installation and maintenance ensures successful results, with simple and easy coordination along the way. 

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