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Mitigation areas are not mow & blow landscapes, or mulch & over-irrigate landscapes. They perform best and cost the least when managed with natural, ecological strategies. Housing Developers and Homeowners associations are challenged to find contractors that understand how to best steward these areas, while saving them money in the long term.  Ultimately, these areas should be a valuable asset to the community.


Housing developers and Homeowners associations rely on expertise from Phoenix Habitats to implement native planting projects. Our ecological approach treats mitigation areas as an ecosystem, with full plant communities that work together to establish natural resilience over time. Establishment and maintenance practices are low-input because native plants simply don't need conventional soil amendments. By understanding our plant material like this, we lower costs and improve success.

Developers may utilize our consultation services as early as preliminary design and planning, to better understand future management concerns and build more naturally resilient landscapes from the start. Neighborhood HOAs may also choose to direct multi-company landscape operations through our project managers for greater goal coordination and significant cost savings with our oversight.  


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