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Green Infrastructure

Local governments and developers looking to create or manage green infrastructure often see these projects fail due to improper installation and management strategies from conventional contractors. Working within the constraints of Clean Water Services and other municipal requirements, green infrastructure projects require successful vegetation establishment that minimizes weed presence and functions effectively over time. Other key factors include intelligent species selection, and planting density to naturally maintain soil hydrology, avoid pipe and infrastructure damage, improve neighborhood appearances with aesthetic combinations, and reduce long-term maintenance expenses.

Phoenix Habitats is a team of ecologists, designers, and field technicians that is committed to advancing the success and popular embrace of green infrastructure. It is a critical technology for successful environmental mitigation in urban areas. We're personally invested in seeing these projects succeed under the harshest of conditions. And as a combined design/build firm, we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve high performance plantings that are also beautiful and seasonally dynamic. We will help you choose the right plants for each unique project area, and recommend smart planting densities and installation techniques that will cut costs immediately. Sensitive, ongoing maintenance is paired with expert monitoring to stay ahead of project requirements. 

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