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A Residential Property with 100% Native Planting

A young couple and first-time homeowners are empowered to fulfill their dream of beautiful habitat on their property.

Joe and Abby had bold ideas for their new house – the first home they’d ever owned. Their property sat on a quarter acre of land that had been haphazardly planted and was frustratingly overgrown, with blackberry brambles creeping into every clearing. They dreamed of doing a landscape renovation that would at once create more usable outdoor spaces and restore their property’s natural beauty with native planting. But they didn’t know where to begin. They needed an expert who could guide them through the process of creating an intentional and environmentally friendly design and thoughtfully implement their plans.

Our team knew we could help Joe and Abby achieve their vision by bringing our experience and design backgrounds to the table. If you want to “go native,” we will meet you where you are and make it happen! We did an initial site visit and fell in love with their property and the opportunities for native planting alongside gathering areas and running space for their dogs. We delivered three separate design plans which featured different spatial arrangements with larger clearings and more romantic nooks and crannies. Each design would make a positive, environmental difference, specifically for the birds in their area. They chose to preserve critical open space while maximizing native planting. A productive conversation then led to finding just the right natives for the climate that would complement their personal aesthetic. By providing multiple options at every stage and assisting them through the decision-making process, Phoenix Habitats was able to deliver a detailed logistical plan for implementation and start putting natives in the ground right away.

Joe and Abby now have a dynamic ecosystem on their own land that is a haven for local birds. Their property has been transformed from an unsustainable mess into an intentional and beautifully layered landscape. Theirs will be a garden to enjoy in all seasons. As this is the first home Joe and Abby have owned, Phoenix Habitats was especially proud to help them turn their property into an oasis for themselves and local wildlife. Our watercolor rendering of the finished landscape design now hangs in their home. As they tend and steward the land, it will grow and change over time with them.  It’s going to be a beautiful journey.


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