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A Native Forest Understory along Tryon Creek

Many forest understory environments have become filled with invasive plants, such as English Holly trees, Himalayan Blackberry, English Ivy, English Buttercup, Jewelweed, and more. The team at Phoenix Habitats is actively removing such invasive weeds on many river and stream-side properties. In their place, we install a full, mixed-layer native plant community! This prevents erosion, while creating habitat for local wildlife.

Planting Plan

Illustrative Rendering

In what was previously an Ivy dominated forest understory emerges a thriving, diverse native plant community, teeming with life and year-round aesthetic dynamics. This fully restored vision for the rear forest and creek enhances all aspects of the landscape with native plants, and includes a new boardwalk for residents and visitors to access and enjoy all areas.

Whenever possible, on-site materials such as fallen logs are reclaimed and used for construction. After navigating the walkways, one finds a final destination on a flat knoll, with seating to relax and observe views downstream.

Planting Plan

Schematic Design

A final schematic design shows individual plant locations for installation and nursery order operations. This plan will be used as an ongoing reference during installation, and ongoing management to help ensure a successful realization of the design over time.

Project status: ongoing site preparation activities. Initial Phase 1 planting in Fall 2022.


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