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we create
sustainable landscapes
with native plants


Landscapes that inspire a

new connection to nature

We do habitat restoration and landscaping with native plants.
We specialize in sustainable management practices, and beautiful planting design to maximize environmental benefits.

From residential gardens to large natural areas, we believe each and every project helps to restore nature for a better future.

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Can your landscape help restore

native pollinator & bird populations?

Yes, and we'll show you how

Design and management services for landscapes that restore the environment

Native Planting
Native Plant
Invasive Weed

Why native plants?

Our feedback

Phoenix Habitats is one of those exceptionally rare companies that excels in pretty much every aspect in our experience with them.

Michael Oliver, Private Property Owner


3 billion

less birds

today than in 1970.  That's around 30% fewer birds in all of North America.  In the Willamette Valley, there are 22% fewer forest birds and 53% fewer grassland birds. Less than 1% of historic grassland and meadow habitat remains.

96% more food 


for birds in native plant landscapes.  Not only native fruits and berries, but pollinators!  This feeds birds, which can increase in population and species diversity by more than 60% in native landscapes. 


85% cost savings

on ongoing annual maintenance, compared to conventional landscapes.  Financial savings include significant water and irrigation reductions, fewer landscape inputs like mulch, and minimal maintenance requirements, once plants are established.

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